Our Aim

We believe that practical, hands-on learning experiences are essential for helping kids to reach their full potential

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Through our programs, kids have the opportunity to explore, experiment, and discover new things in a supportive and encouraging environment.
ABOUT Bloomtheori

Empowering kids with knowledge and skills

Bloomtheori is an organization that is dedicated to providing kids with practical knowledge in a way that is engaging and effective.

  • In today's world of online education, there is often a lack of hands-on learning experiences, and many kids are missing out on the opportunity to learn through trial and error.

  • Bloomtheori seeks to bridge this gap by providing a range of programs and resources that help kids to learn in a more practical and interactive way.

Our Program

Learn with Nature & Wildlife

Overall, our program is a fun, engaging, and educational way for kids to learn about wildlife and the natural world.

Studying wildlife can help children learn about biology, ecology, and environmental science. For example, they can learn about the interrelationships between different species and the important role each plays in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Through our program, kids will have the opportunity to observe and learn about a variety of wildlife species, including birds, insects, and mammals.

Overview of the Program

Discover the Wonders of Nature

Nat Geo Kids

Monthly Copies on Nature & Wildlife from Nat Geo, along with Learning Sessions

Filed Trips

Expert guidance and supervision from experienced guides and naturalists.

Interaction Session

Learn from the expect whose work involve daily in & out with forest and nature.

Our Vision with

Learn with Nature and Wildlife

Our Nature and Wildlife Program vision is to create a world where every child has the opportunity to develop a deep love and appreciation for wildlife and the natural world, helping to cultivate a generation of future leaders who are passionate about protecting and preserving our planet.


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